Filter keywords that aren't profitable

Get rid of low-traffic, high difficulty score, or any other keywords you don't want to rank for

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Are you looking for the most valuable keywords?

Even if you find many keywords to optimize for, you simply have to decide for the most profitable ones. It's because you should avoid over-optimizing your website.

Filter keywords by setting up numerous criteria.

How can I filter keywords in KWFinder?

In one click! Let KWFinder eliminate low traffic keywords by setting the search volume parameter while keeping beatable keyword difficulty to dominate your niche.

Select the number of keywords criterion when searching for long tail keywords or pick a combination that suits you best.

Smart keyword filtering

KWFinder automatically filters results you aren't interested in. For example, if you find a keyword without calculated difficulty score that doesn't match your criteria, it immediately disappears.

The filter can be turned on and off anytime you need!

Keyword filter and keyword lists

Are you afraid of analyzing keywords you have already saved into a list? No worries, KWFinder has got it covered. Set up a filter to show only keywords that aren't in your lists.

Keyword filtering saves your time so you can focus on optimizing!

How to fitler keywords

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