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How to add keywords you want to analyze

Analyzing your own keyword list and getting all the metrics for those keywords is very easy thanks to KWFinder import feature.

Depending on your plan, you can import up to 700 keywords 1200 times a day, which makes 840 000 keywords in total!

In what file types can I import keywords?

Adding keywords in KWFinder can be done by writing keywords as tags, copy and pasting, uploading TXT or CSV files, or even drag and dropping the files.

You can paste keywords, then add others as a TXT file or do it in any other combination.

Keyword import and localized results

Select your desired location while importing keywords for precise and localized results that are vital for local SEO.

What's more, you'll get exact search volumes and other basic metrics without spending SERP lookups.

Further actions you can do after you import keywords

Once you're done with the basics, there are many ways to continue. Export the keyword with metrics, save them to a list, get real-time keyword difficulty score, or examine SERP.

Don't forget to explore hundreds of related search terms to your imported keywords.

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