Keyword difficulty tool

Keyword difficulty is one of the major metrics for keyword optimization

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Real-time keyword difficulty

KWFinder calculates the difficulty for keywords you plan to optimize for. You always get a real-time value for these keywords, so you don't spend all lookups on those you are not going to use.

Use the lookups on keywords that improve your rankings instead of wasting them all at once.

The most accurate keyword difficulty

KWFinder's keyword difficulty is one of the most accurate on the market. Finding profitable keywords is easier with relevant data, isn't it?

That's why we are so proud that our tool makes your keyword optimization effective.

How is it calculated?

The calculation is based on SEO rank made of first Google SERP. It takes into account the link profile and selected Moz metrics of each URL. A detailed calculation of SEO difficulty is in our blog.

It's not magic, it's an ideal combination of SEO metrics, Google SERP results, and our know-how. It reflects how keyword optimization truly works.

A must-have keyword optimization tool feature

When we are talking about keyword optimization, the difficulty score is an essential feature of every keyword suggestion tool for successful exploration of SEO keywords.

KWFinder calculates it for you so you can get the best of it.

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