Organize keywords with keyword lists

Keyword management with clear keyword strategy

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How can I organize keywords?

Planning a keyword strategy without a list of keywords packed with metrics would be a mess. Keyword lists in KWFinder let you organize your research in the most productive way.

Select keywords of your choice and add them to a list.

Creating list of keywords leads to effective keyword management

Creating a list of keywords keeps things organized. Thanks to KWFinder's keyword management your research is saved so you can access your keyword lists any time.

Export the lists to generate your own keyword analysis report.

Edit your keyword lists as you wish

Lists in KWFinder can be edited anytime by adding or deleting keywords. They can be exported, renamed or even deleted.

Did you find new keywords you would like to add into existing lists? No problem. Just select them and add to one of your lists.

Export your list of keywords

It's a matter of one click. KWFinder exports your list of keywords with metrics as a CSV file either from the main lists menu or when the list is open.

There's also an option to copy the keywords to clipboard. Choose what suits you best!

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