Find hidden long tail keywords

How about finding your new niche keywords in less than 3 minutes?

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Starting your keyword search

Type in your main seed keyword and hit the button “Find keywords” to explore up to 700 new keyword ideas.

All search volumes in KWFinder are exact values. On top of that, we clean close variant keywords to provide even more relevant data unlike Google Keyword Planner does.

Use long tail keywords with low keyword difficulty

Selecting an ideal combination of search volume and keyword difficulty is your first step for effective keyword search.

Every keyword generator simply has to tell you how difficult is to rank for keywords. That's exactly what KWFinder does, it's an SEO keyword tool!

Compete with websites in Google SERP

Analyzing Google search results is critical to see whether you are able to overcome the competitors. Inspect SERP for all keywords you plan to use.

You'll find immediate SERP results with SEO metrics in KWFinder once you click on a keyword in the left table. Feel free to expand the analysis in one click thanks to SERPChecker integration.

Find even more related keywords and organize them

Did you find your new superstar keyword and want more related long tails? Click on the arrow and open it in a new tab for a multi-tabbed keyword search. Once done, export the keywords or save them to a list.

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