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Explore search volume, search trends, and keyword metrics to optimize effectively

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Valuable keyword metrics without spending SERP lookups

How about exploring 700 keyword ideas with keyword metrics for only one lookup? We know how important they are: Search trends, search volume, CPC, and PPC.

On top of that, keyword difficulty for all previously calculated keywords is displayed.

Search trends for global point of view

There are many seasonal keywords with huge search volumes during two or three months. KWFinder shows you last 12 months to identify these search trends.

The most searched words during summer won't be profitable in January and vice versa.

Great choice for PPC keyword research

Google CPC and PPC let you know what's the Google advertising cost and the level of competition when bidding on a keyword.

Considering search trends and search volumes, KWFinder provides everything you need for PPC keyword research.

Exact search volume for all keywords

Identify the most searched keywords and any other Google search keywords in KWFinder thanks to keyword metrics specially designed for this purpose.

KWFinder is your #1 Keyword Planner alternative.

Manage the research in your own way

KWFinder lets you choose your own way of managing lookups. Why spending them on SERP analysis and difficulty of keywords you don't want to analyze?

It's up to you which keywords you decide for to perform immediate SERP analysis.

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